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ACS provides helicopter charter services

Many occasions to invite your investors, and prove how much you care about them.

You can treat them better than your competitors, offering a private flight to attend such critical meetings.

A very good way to attract and convince new investors to spend money in your Company.


It's up, up and away as you experience the magic of vertical flight on board. Buy your helicopter experience with us and you will receive the following:
Presentation gift pack
Full pilot briefing
CAA regulated

Nothing else comes close to touching the magic of vertical flight; from the moment you lift into the air to the second the helicopter settles gracefully back on the ground it is a truly exciting and unforgettable experience. You will be welcomed and briefed by one of our specialist team and given the opportunity to see and hear our modern helicopter at close quarters. Then it's your turn; climbing gracefully to over 1,000 feet and accelerating to over 120 miles an hour, you will interact with the pilot via the headset (don't forget to listen out for air traffic on the radio!), swooping over the landscape and then settling gently back on the ground. Cameras are positively encouraged - with an experience this exhilarating you will want to relive it as often as possible!

Choose a convienient date to fly and book your experience with us. Simply call our office and quote your voucher number and we will arrange your flight - nothing could be easier! Unlike many operators we fly during the week and at weekends (all details about this process are included within your voucher pack).

wContact Details There is a private helictopter for each occasion. We will help you chose the one that will fit your specific needs