Private Helicopter Charter

private jet or helicopter

Aside from Helicopters, other aircraft we recommend for international travel include

Ttwo (2) British Aerospace Jetstream 31 aircraft and two (2) SAAB 340 Airliners and four (4) Piaggio 180 Avantis.
Boasting leather seats and complimentary meal service, we are sure you will love this luxury passenger aircraft. Features of this aircraft include a galley for food preparation and on board washroom facilities. The SAAB 340 offers plenty of legroom in any one of the 30 seats. This is the perfect aircraft for luxury air charters; whether the destination is a golf course, ski resort or industry convention.

BAE Jetstream 31
The Jetstream 31 offers the largest cabin in the 19-seat class of aircraft and has been proven to be both safe and economical in worldwide operation. This aircraft is flying throughout the world in 18-19 seat Commuter, 8-12 seat Corporate Shuttle, Air Ambulance and other special role configurations. You will find this is a very comfortable and efficient aircraft. It is used daily for scheduled flights as well as for charter services.

Piaggio 180 Avanti
The Piaggio offers unsurpassed comfort and luxury for up to seven passengers. The spacious cabin is over 6 feet wide and 5 feet 9 inches tall - more than 1 foot wider and taller than competitive business jets. The Piaggio is also quieter and smoother than any other aircraft in its class, allowing for easy conversation and comfortable movement throughout the cabin. The luxurious appointments and amenities of this aircraft ensure that passengers travel in comfort and style. Our fleet of Piaggios are used for charter service and are also available for fractional ownership.

wContact Details There is a private helictopter for each occasion. We will help you chose the one that will fit your specific needs